Install Flutter

Get the flutter SDK

Goto and get latest stable version


Extract zip file to c:\
The file contains already a flutter folder


Extract zip file to $HOME

Update Path


Click on Environment Variables
Click Edit for Path and add C:\flutter\bin


Open (or create) $HOME/.bash_profile and add the following line

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/flutter/bin"

Run source $HOME/.bash_profile to refresh the current window.
Verify that the flutter/bin directory is now in your PATH by running:

echo $PATH

Flutter doctor

First disable Google Analytics by opening Command Prompt or Terminal and execute this command

flutter config --no-analytics

Run flutter doctor

flutter doctor

Install Android Studio

Goto , download the latest version and run setup

Create Android Emulator

Click on Configure then AVD Manager
Click on Create Virtual Device…
Select Nexus 6P then click on Next
Select Pie and click on Download
Select Hardware – GLES 2.0 in Graphics section to enable Hardware acceleration
Select the Nexus 6P API 28 emulator and click on play button

Install Flutter and Dart plugins

Click on Browse repositories…
Select Flutter and click on Install, restart Android Studio when finished

Install Visual Studio Code

Goto , download the latest version and run setup

Install Flutter and Dart extensions

Click on Extensions (Ctrl+Shift+X), select Flutter and click on Install, Reload when prompt

Install Awesome Flutter Snippets extension
Awesome Flutter Snippets is a collection of commonly used Flutter classes and methods. It increases your speed of development by eliminating most of the boilerplate code associated with creating a widget. Widgets such as Stateless and Stateful can be created by typing the shortcut stlss and stful respectively.

Install Xcode

Goto , download the latest version and run setup

That’s all folks

Run flutter doctor again and review the output