Install Cypress



Cypress needs nodejs, goto , download and install latest LTS version.

After installation, if you need to set proxy :

npm config set proxy http://xxx.xx:nn
npm config set https-proxy http://xxx.xx:nn

Visual Studio Code

To edit code, goto , download and install latest version.

Get Cypress

Open Command Prompt, goto your project folder and execute this command to install Cypress :

npm install cypress

After installation, we can now open Cypress by executing this command :

npx cypress open
Cypress will also provide some test examples in integration\examples folder


Open Cypress

To use npm to open cypress in place of npx command, update package.json, add “cypress:open”

Close cypress, in Command Prompt open it again by executing this command :

npm run cypress:open

Visual Studio Code IntelliSense

To benefits code-completion, create a new file tsconfig.json in cypress folder.
Copy code below and save file.

    "compilerOptions": {
      "strict": true,
      "baseUrl": "../node_modules",
      "target": "es5",
      "lib": ["es5", "dom"],
      "types": ["cypress"]
    "include": [

Restart Visual Studio Code.

That’s all Folks!